I'm Miles, just a silly fox on the internet, trying to find a place to show my art from.
I hope you enjoy your stay.

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05.12.2022 -New Comic Page in the Gallery! This time it's a video!

01.12.2022 -New Comic Page in the Gallery!
Gallery update will still take a bit! Until then, I will only be uploading the comic here!

The Main Hub

Hello there!

You've found a safe haven in the void of the internet here, you can take a moment to rest.

I'm a SFW artist that's trying to build tiny bubbles of safety in the chaos of the world wide web. To navigate the site, click the above links! To find me on other websites, check out "Other Places" to your right!

You'll find my art here, as well as the comic starborn. If you are looking for a way to have us promote each others websites, info for that can also be found in the "Other Places" page.

Do not mind the dog.