Commissions are open incredibly rarely.

If I do however offer, this will be done via my places found HERE!.

I can also be contacted over those places!

My T.O.S can be found here!

About Me

Hello. I'm Miles!

I'm a asexual/agender/aromantic (They/Them) artist who draws fun, SFW art!

This world seems to have less and less places for people who want to exist without NSFW/Sexual content in their lives to be comfortable within. So, I decided to create that kind of space for myself!
And you are more than welcome to take a bit to be cozy here too!

More than anything, I want to draw and share art. My biggest dream was always to draw comics that tell fantastical stories about friendships and dealing with life and overcoming hardships.
That's what I'm living right now!

Besides art, I like trying to live as natural as possible, even though that is hard at times in the world we live in. I want to get close to nature and keep a young, hopeful and wonderous spirit going strong.
Do things with my own hands, learn about the foods I make, about the plants and wildlife around me, just become aware of how much beauty this world still has to offer, because it is there, no matter how dire things get!

I am sometimes far removed from humanity as we know it, simply because of who I am.
There are a lot of typical "human" things that I simply reject or feel different about. Things like status, power, money, oftentimes about stories as well. I'm also heavily sex-repulsed which often causes issues with people who can't quite accept that boundary.
If you feel similar, worry not though. If there is one thing I'm learning right now, is that everyone has their own flavor of life. And if it's not harming anyone, there is nothing wrong with being a bit different!

My Fursona

My Fursona, Miles, is usually shown as a very small fox with either one or three tails. However, they can be virtually anything they want as they have the ability to shapeshift! Sometimes they are shown with a mask and cloak and can be either bipedal or a quadruped at will.

Some say, Miles has a bigger fox form too but surely they are just making that up, I'm totally sure

About my Art and Characters

My characters occupy different worlds, so I have categorized them under such! A few of them also can be shown interacting with a sorta world where my sona lives with them too, just for the fun of it!

My Gallery is sorted, based on those different worlds, so feel free to sort through them, to find out more!