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101 DS Minisodes
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Fox & Crow

Content Warning: Mild Violence, Blood, Body Horror, Psychological Horror

The Virus Atlas is different than his kin: He dislikes that he has to kill to survive.
When the promise of a new life on a new world arrives, he embarks on an adventure he never could have dreamed of, along with friends that seek the same as him: A place where he can be himself and happy.

101 DS Minisodes are miniature stories that are meant to be similar in tone as the show "101 Dalmatian Street"!
101 Dalmatain Street is a franchise by Disney! This work is pure fanart, made out of love for that show!

Minisode 1:

Minisode 2:

An original story about how we shouldn't let the hatred of the world shape us.
A deeply important story to me