Waiting List

-Drakora: Refsheet

-DitzyBruenette: Full Scene

-Ishira: Refsheet+
Sketch approved! (Hold)

-Ben: Full Scene

-Muffin: Full Scene

Commissions are currently

How to Commission me:

-Please read before commissioning me!-

Commissions are on an "ask Miles" bases!

This means, you contact me over one of the places I frequent and ask, simple as that!
Also please read my T.O.S too!

The more details you give, the easier I can draw exactly what you want!
You can also ask for a quota, if you are uncertain about the price, but it's very likely I will give you that either way, to make sure that we are both in the same boat about it!

The standard goes, that you pay once the sketch phase is approved! After that, only minor changes may be requested for the finished piece!
I also want to note that my comic will always be first on my list to draw and my drawing time is set by how and when I work my dayjob.
Turnaround for full pieces can usually go from two days to a week, but might be longer, depending on how much time I have and how much of the comic still is open for that week to draw.

I WILL however, inform you about this when you commission me!

I am free to decline commission offers if I feel they do not fit for me or if they touch on subjects that bother me.

For commissions I currently do not have time for, I can put those on a waiting list for a later date, if you so wish!

This page might be updated, if anything isn't covered properly yet!

What will I draw?

I WILL draw:
-Furries/Anthros/Animals/Fantasy Creatures!
-Humans (But I am not all too good at that!)
-Robots/Mechs (But also fairly inexperienced!)

I WILL NOT draw:
-NSFW (This includes "SFW" Fetish art)
-Undertale/Deltarune/Toby Fox adjacent characters/subjects
-Some MLP related things. Do ask if unsure!


These are basic, easy to follow pricing standards. See something in my gallery that you like, that's not listed here?
Ask about it!
Payments are always made via Paypal!

Icon/Headshot: 25$ + 15 for additional character
Bust: 30$ + 25 for additional character
Fullbody: 40 + 35 for additional character

+ 10$ Complexity Fee for complex characters!

Icon/Headshot: 35$+ 25 for additional character
Bust: 40$+ 35 for additional character
Fullbody: 55$+ 45 for additional character

+ 15$ Complexity Fee for complex characters!

Backgrounds (count this on top of your flatcolor or shaded option!):
Transparent/Simple color: Free!
Sticker/dot style: Free!
Simple BG (Skylines, BGs with not much going on): 25$

Complex BG (Full on scenes): 35$

65$ (+10$ Complexity Fee for complex characters!)
-Refsheets come with one front and backside (flipped from front facing pose!) and three expressions of your choosing!
-The three expressions CAN be swapped for an extra fullbody/Flatcolor image instead too!
-If your character doesn't require a ref for its back (example: a feral character shown from the side!) you can choose a simple, other pose!
-Can add simple clothing/props for free!
-I will charge a designer fee (15$) for undesigned characters (aka I have to design them from scratch for you!) but I won't if it's simply an update or modification of an existing character of yours!
(There is no designer fee if you are a patreon supporter of mine!)