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20.June.2022 - Happiness

Learning that ones happiness always comes from within is one of the hardest things for me to remember.

It's easy to become addicted to friendships, likes, reblogs and interaction with strangers and think that that is the only place you can ever get happiness from.

But those things are amplifiers that make you feel good for the moment and then fade.Making you crave more when they are gone.

Happiness has to come from within. It can be drawing something silly, reading a book, relaxing or listening to the birds outside and feeling the wind on your skin. It can be going out and enjoying nature.
Sometimes it's even remembering great times one had.

Amplifiers are great though, don't get me wrong! Friends can make any situation and place greater! Having people see what you write and draw can feel absolutely amazing!

The trick is within the balance and not relying on the outside to make you happy!

It's tricky, but it's there! That happiness is in you, even if it might take time to find its way to the light!

I believe in you!

22.April.2022 - Art and the big worry

Don't worry about your art.

I've got enough things to worry about in life. My job, my future, my friends and family. My precious doggo Amy.

I don't have to extend that to worry to my art also.
I feel it crop up every now and then. The want to appeal, the want to "make great things".
I think we all do.

But don't worry bout your art. It's fun, it's a getaway. It's your world for you to play in.
Sharing it isn't there to impress others, but to let them be a part of your worlds too.

And that's kinda cool all on its own honestly.

15.April.2022 - The future of Art websites

The internet lately doesn't feel quite... great, to put it lightly. I've been trying to find platforms where I can simply have my gallery in a stressfree environment, one where I am not constantly pelted by advertisements, toxicity and (this is important to me at least) constant NSFW sprinkled in.
There is also the constant drive for likes and follows, money and fame and I get it, artists need to eat.
I am all for supporting artists, buying their art/adoptables and so forth, don't get me wrong. I even think many artists underprice their artwork and should be demanding more.

But there comes a point where an artist can't set up shop without being in a constant battle with the platform they are on. Visibility is only possible if you always remind the front pages of your existence and commissions. Or, if you have a large following which can quickly turn into a beast of its own.
Not to mention, those who have lower self esteem will equate likes/follows to self worth. So, if the art they had fun creating doesn't make the algorithm, doesn't get the likes, they feel unworthy.
I used to belong in that very same camp myself for the longest time.
Most of the time, artists will seek the solution of drawing what is "popular" at the time. They will turn to NSFW in order to pull in that crowd, if they hadn't before. Or they will vanish and feel as if they shouldn't even be sharing.
Regardless of what ends up happening, platforms today are simply not made with the user in mind and will make you sick if you do use them too excessively.

The platforms themselves? We got things like twitter that allows basically even the most vile things to be posted without issue. Deviantart keeps pushing updates that make the site more difficult to use and every single new thing is met with a firm "we do not like this" from the userbase. Furaffinity is plagued by the aforementiond competition of being noticed on the front page. Constant reminders as people try desperately to sell their art. Or quick fixes of uninspired NSFW art. Rarely is actual artwork among them.
And we shouldn't even talk about all the things wrong with buzzly.

Now, I am not faulting the artists trapped within the cycle. Again, I get that they have bills to pay and I want nothing more for them to be able to. The current systems weren't built in a way that benefits them however. And all this competing makes one sick in the long run. At least, for a good majority. Some manage the perfect balance after all!

If anything, if you are reading this and are a hobby artist, not reliant on art to feed you, then take a moment to think about your art as something unrestricted and beautiful. Something that doesn't have to compete with anything and can just be. Draw what your heart desires.
If you are an artist that makes money on their art, all I bid of you is to try and not get sucked into the cycle. I want you to find that healthy and happy balance, both with your art and your life. If things make your miserable, perhaps a change is needed.

10.April.2022 - Genuine Art

I miss genuine art.
Art that isn't "perfect", but genuine. That you can feel the heart of, connect to the soul of.
You see in the scrunkly lines that there is passion, that the artist was drawing with a smile. The not so "perfect" colors choices and shades are the artist just playing around and having fun. The characters are clearly loved and given life through the art of simply having fun.

Too often artists fall into the pitfall of their art having to be up to some "perfect" standard. Schools will teach you to have strong values in your art, to have your line thickness contribute to it, to have the lines of motion make the eye follow and focus on certain parts of the art. That certain colors will make sense together when others will not.
And while products made by this percieved perfection are striking and draw one in… they often fail to have that little spark that of joy. That little breath of life.

Because instead of playing with their art and having a good time, the artist instead followed a rulebook to "perfect" art.

Next time, when you see a fresh artist drawing crude little pictures of a character or thing they love, tell them they are doing great.
When you see someone putting their heart and soul into something the love but that doesn't fit the standard of "great art", still encourage them to go onwards. And when you draw something squiggly just for the fun of it, encourage yourself to keep up having fun!

Support art that has a soul. Support artists, that want to keep theirs and not fall to the grinding machine of society, that tells them their art has to compete.

There is no competition nor perfection. Only expression and play.